Mehr Leben - More Life - Mas Vida - Lev Mer

Mehr Leben - More Life - Mas Vida - Lev Mer

A hearty welcome to the leisure and culture club “Mehr Leben, Mas Vida, More Life, Lev Mer” in Patalavaca on Grand Canary from all club founders and all members.

The club membership is free. We offer various activities as walking in the mountains, ship tours, transfers to concerts in Las Palmas, sight seeing tours with the car or mini bus and individual tours at cost price.

The club will try with this activities to help the people to get their personal harmony get back or activated on this wonderful island.

The club office is in Patalavaca (see page contact). Club website see Club More Life


Alexander Agel, President

Mehr Leben - More Life - Mas Vida - Lev Mer: Our Vision

Because here in Grand Canary many different people come together, the club should serve on international level as „Tagoror“ (Tagoror was known by the Canarii native inhabitants, the Guanchen, as a meeting place and sports field for important meetings and sporting events) und thereby as information and contact platform. Members of various countries talking with each other can exchange personal and historical experiences on common events and tours.

The club does not aim to be “perfect”, rather more he aims to be “simple”, „solid“ and „earthy“ to have also time for “harmony”.

We offer for the club trips over the island, in the evening transfers to concerts, and guided hikings (see the week programm with trips). Optional also with rest at a restaurant.

Our more than 8000 members come from this countries:

Dänemark Israel Norwegen Austria Frankreich Italien Tchechien Holland Estland Polen Schweden Finland Deutschland Luxemburg USA Australien Kanada  Irland Littauen England Spanien Schweiz Belgien